Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The City

So here i am in the city, my dreams come true im free.

or am i.

mum insisted Tyrone came with me, so i still have someone looking over my sholder making sure i dont violate mum and dads rules. i havn't met the new Alpha yet. we where met at the Train station by his Beta, David. he looked supprised to see us both but accepted that where i go Tyrone goes. David took us to a safe house the pack used for any visiters from other packs, it was a small appartment on the third floor. 2 bedrooms with a sitting/kitchenete and a smal bathroom that had no bath! just a shower. i miss home already.

the Beta said we wenrt to leave untill the Alpha came to see us. so again im stuck in a room with a lap top and no way out untill someone else say i can leave.

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